A -Temporary- New Era

The thing on everyone’s mind right now, is the pandemic going on and the unprecedented times we all have been abruptly pushed into. The state of lockdown has been taking a toll on everyone, businesses and industries are no exceptions to that, as a result people have been trying to cope in their own way, maybe by picking up an old hobby or even trying out something entirely new. When it comes to industries, they have taken the biggest hit of them all, but unlike them the education system has said that the show must go on. And with that they opted into the new era of education, online classes.

The Internet has been a prevalent part of our lives for a while now, but the state of emergency gave it a push, a push onto the mainstream. This abrupt transition to online has not been the most fluid or easy, as a lot of people were simply not prepared, such as the infrastructure to support everything going online. There are plenty of bottlenecks in online classes, even though they are more or less efficient in theoretical subjects, when it comes to practical subjects the knowledge taught through online classes becomes extremely limited. At the end of the day when the world grasps at any hope which it can, online classes are proven to be an effective way to learn as well as keep yourself busy and connected to the outside world.Due the lockdown being longer than anyone had expected with no end in sight, like their kids, plenty of working adults continued their nine to five within the comforts of their own homes via internet . Post COVID world, in due time will be a new world, though it is unclear as of now if any of the changes will stick long term or not, the possibility of an increase in work from home jobs is very real, however online classes which are very innovative indeed cannot be replaced normal classes, as theoretical education is not the only thing being taught at schools and colleges, social skills, public speaking, as well as other practical skills require practice which cannot be provided within online classes. A lot of colleges have increased their focus on practical learning instead of straight book learning as it is proven to be way more effect and efficient in order to learn something new. In the end all we can do is speculate, no one really knows what the future holds, uncertainty rules our lives, only time will tell how the world will change after COVID.


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