Parasite; The Dark Horse no one saw coming

Parasite, The movie which took Oscars by a storm, winning a total of 4 awards including best picture and the best director is one of the best movies of the decade finishing off the 2010s with a bang. The movie focuses on the Kim and Park family showing the disparities between the lower and wealthy class respectively. The movie opens up with the limelight on the poor, barely scraping by, Kim family a family where all of its members unemployed and desperately looking for work in the extremely high competition of South Korea.

When an opportunity comes forward to Kevin the young son of the Kim family as a job of an English tutor to the wealthy Park family, this proved to be a pivotal part in the parasitic invasion into the Park family by the Kim family, Park family is portrayed as a simple family who does not care about anything other than themselves, this comes forward as an ignorant and oblivious manner and feels like it is engraved into them. The first half of the movie feels like a clever and light-hearted comedy in which Kims slowly invade the household of Parks by cleverly setting up the previous housekeeper and the driver and getting them fired, Parks do not hesitate much before firing their long-kept housekeeper neither do Kims feel any regret by undermining other people or even getting them firing and putting them in the same situation in which they used to be.

The movie takes a sharp turn into the true grim nature of the movie when the past housekeeper comes back for “something” she forgot while the Parks were away for a trip. It turns out the housekeeper had secretly hidden her husband in the hidden basement of the big mansion i.e. Parks house. The Parks were unaware of the existence of the hidden man in the basement who had been secretly living there hiding from the loan sharks. The Kims understandably so were extremely taken aback when they discovered this but they were not the only ones who discovered something, the old housekeeper and her husband also caught the Kims and the series the manipulation and frauds committed by them. The movie turns into a wild roller-coaster ride where the audience is always kept at the edge of their seat and a ride you cannot forget.

The movie puts up its name itself to interpretation, “parasite” who are the parasites? The Kim family who survive and thrive sucking into the Park family or the Park family, the rich wealthy class who thrives by exploiting the poor class while at the same time looking down on them.


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